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About me

Krijn Trimbos is a freelance Nature and Wildlife photographer situated in Leiden, the Netherlands. My passion for nature began with Owls. My father tried to symbolize wisdom for a talk at a conference by using the Owl in his presentation. Apparently that made an impression on me because ever since that time I have been really passionate about nature and especially birds. My passion for the green world resulted in me choosing for a carrier in Biology. After finishing my PhD on 'Population Genetics of the Black-tailed Godwit' in 2013 and working at an NGO as a projectleader in meadowbird protection, I am currently occupied with a University Lecturer (Conservation Biology) position at the University of Leiden.

My passion for nature came along with a need to record it. This situated itself merely as a hobby untill 2006. This is when my SLR broke down in Bali. And being there for an internship, lasting 7 months, I figured that I had to have a camera to record this beautiful island. This is when I bought my first (D) SLR and my former nature photography hobby spawned into a real passion.

Since that time I have visited many places such as Bali, Texas, Spitsbergen, Australia and the Camarque just to name few. Having spend a lot of time in the agricultural landscape for my work and a lot of subjects being just around the corner, The Netherlands has become my favourite destination.

My work has been published in several magazines. And although I am not a really keen nature photography competitor, in 2010 one of my photo's was awarded with the first prize in the Mammal category at the International Glanzlichter nature photography competition. I have had the most incredible time making nature photo's and if it is up to me I will continue doing this for a long time to come. I hope you'll enjoy looking around at my website and that the selection of photo's displayed here will express the amazing experiences I have had as a nature photographer since 2006.

Best regards,

Krijn Trimbos, LeidenĀ 06-07-2015